Wakefield’s Got Talent!


Anthony Lopez '14

Senior Anthony Lopez takes a #selfie as the audience enters the auditorium.

Daniel Hernandez '16, Staff Writer

The Wakefield Talent Show was a huge success. Senior class sponsor, Wakefield graduate, and veteran Special Education teacher, Ms. Robinson spearheaded the event hosted by the senior class. 

Ms. Wathen, one of the judges, said, “I didn’t know that there was this much talent at Wakefield. I was impressed by everyone who participated; it takes a lot of guts to perform in front of peers.” There was a good splice of the talent that Wakefield has to offer on stage: dancing, singing, poetry recitation, and even a piano serenade worthy of John Legend.

The show began with the slap stick comedy duo of Michelle and Leo as hosts of the night. Their matching outfits, bowties, ballerina moves, and smiles kept the audience informed and entertained through out the night.

The Madrigals were the first act to perform. The Madrigal’s sang a traditional Scottish song, “Loch Loman” for the crowd. For the first time in Madrigals’ history beat boxing was included in the performance. Usman and Benzon added natural percussion to the choral ensemble.

Next up was an Indian dance; each move Ananneya made caused her traditional vibrant purple dress to sparkle in the spotlight.

Kareem kept it cool with his shades on while singing “Don’t Judge Me” by Chris Brown. There was some difficulty with microphone placement, but his crooning voice made up for it.

Ramiro and Todd were scheduled to sing; unfortunately, Todd only got to strum his guitar twice before their time ran out on stage.

Donovan got the audience clapping with his original rap piece. He seemed natural on the stage.

As Mia and Tyler emerged from the back, the audience began to whisper. These ladies were a highly anticipated act. They performed a mash-up of “Let it go” and “Let Her Go”. The audience couldn’t let the memory of their amazing performance go.

Nathalie did not disappoint, her professional quality voice sang a heartfelt rendition of “Clarity” by Zedd.

Benzon, Izzan, and Yoel were the first dancers of the night. They held their own on stage.

As the night continued, Lucas sang “All of Me” by John Legend on the piano. Every woman in the crowd was quiet as they listened to Lucas sing the song just for them. People were also heard commenting how hard it can be to sing and play piano at the same time. Everyone was impressed.

Anise serenaded the crowd with “Hallelujah” by John Cale (also known as the version made popular by the movie Shrek).

Melanie, Elena, and Melliana emerged from stage left. The crowd started cheering as the ladies entered with matching belly dancing hip scarves chiming in unison. Their hip swiveling act was an audience favorite.

William stole the show with his poem about life and growth. Many snaps were heard after he was done speaking.

Justin (AJ) sang and strummed out to “Pompay” by Bastille, he was rumored to be up for a second place win. Watch an exclusive Chieftain performance here:

Jesus Enriquez Hernandez

Shannon was also rumored to be up for a second place win and sang a beautiful composition of “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. Her voice captivated the listeners as it resounded through out the auditorium.

FSU, composed of members Forrest, Leonard, Jose, Will, Usman, and guest appearance by Elijah, had an unusual rendition of “It’s Not Unusual” by Tom Jones. This song was made popular on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air by Carlton Banks. Here is a link to refresh your memory.

The Talent Show ended with a big bang. Mia entered with a black half mask and all black outfit. The crowd quieted, until she danced. Her freestyle skills were amazing. Similar comments were whispered through out the audience. Kerry entered all in white, and his JabbaWokkeeZ style mask left the crowd confused. What was going to happen next? Why was this kid on stage with Mia? Once he started dancing, there were no questions as to why he was there. The choreographed dance they completed together was in sync and exciting. Watch a video of how to tutt by Kerry here:


After the talent performed, the judges deliberated as to whether there would be a first and second place, or just a first place prize. It was decided that one winner would reign supreme. Then, the judges had the enormous task of picking one winner. The judges talked about all of the performers; there was so much note worthy talent, that the discussion was lengthy.

The moment finally arrived, the dynamic hosts, Michelle and Leo, announced the winners: Mia and Kerry! They split the first place prize of a hundred dollars donated by the senior class.

The show was over. The crowd lingered; they couldn’t stop talking about all of the talent Wakefield had to offer. Personal favorites were debated among friends and fellow students until everyone had to exit the auditorium. As the crowd spilled into the parking lot the names of stand out performers were still on everyone’s lips.