Earn up to Four World Language Credits: Credit by Exam


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Do you know another language besides English? If so, get credit for it! Sign up for the World Language Credit-by-Exam by October 5th! There are about 100 languages (including American Sign Language) that are offered. It’s also free for the first time!

School Counselor Mr. Contreras said, “It saves you a lot of time. You get credits and it frees up more space in your schedule to do other electives” or take even higher classes in the language.

The credit by exam is simple. It may seem long, but it’s totally worth the one less class to take! There are 4 sections: speaking, writing, reading, and reading comprehension. Mr. Contreras gave THIS LINK and said, “You could go to frequently asked questions (on the bottom of the page). There is a self assessment grid to see…if it would be a good idea for you to take the test or not.”

The tests for most of the languages will be administered on November 6, 2018, either at Wakefield or T.C. Williams High School. In order to register please complete the registration with your parents. Remember, registration will close on October 5th, 2018.

Good Luck! Buena Suerte! Viel Glück! حظا طيبا وفقك الله!