Calling All Underclassmen! Signature in the Schools is Looking for You

No matter your previous theater experience, this opportunity is for you! Signature Theatre is holding auditions this Friday, October 12th for their upcoming play. They’re looking for students to act, sing, write music, or work behind the scenes. This amazing opportunity to work in a professional play is open to all students, though Signature is specifically seeking underclassmen. Rehearsals and performances run from early December to early March.

Something that you might not know and is unique to Signature Theatre is that the play will be written once students are casted in their roles. This truly is a unique experience.

Many Wakefield students participate in Signature plays, both as actors and behind the scenes. Senior and Stage Manager Jillian Neri said that she chose work with Signature because, “it helps me with theater overall, but I can take the skills that I learn in Signature Theatre and apply them to Wakefield Theater. Being part of it from a professional standpoint…allows me to see how it works in the real world.” Senior Carlos Espinoza said, “I learned that the Wakefield theater department is more of you go and you do and Signature Theatre is more of you go and you learn.”

SignatureTheatre provides a unique experience for students because of the plays’ content. Not only are plays written with the specific actors’ skills and personalities in mind, but they center around important and relevant issues. Junior and Signature actor Juan Cardenas said that this style of playwriting makes it so that as actors, “You are part of the audience; it’s not just like watching a movie. You’re in the show and it’s real and it’s there.” In the past, plays have focused on the refugee crisis, women’s suffrage, and Black Lives Matter movement.

While SignatureTheatre is a significant time commitment, the skills that students learn are incredibly valuable. Not many underclassmen can say that they’ve worked on a professional play, and even if you don’t plan to pursue a theater career, the organizational skills and time-management that students learn through theater are useful in any job.

Want to get involved? All you have to do is attend auditions at SignatureTheatre in Shirlington this Friday, October 12th.

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