Birds and Limes Take Over Arlington

Mario Hernandez '20, Staff Writer

Birds and Limes are motorized scooters that have been popping up all over the U.S. They have recently hit Arlington. But which one is better? Lime scooters are way better.

Both scooters cost about the same (1 dollar to start and after that 15 cents per minute). Bird scooters even started waiving the dollar charge for those who are currently eligible for state or federal assistance programs like SNAP or Medicaid. This helps a lot of low income families who do not have the funds to get to and from places. Still, Lime scooters are faster and heavy duty unlike the Bird, which is light weight and can leave you stranded.

From my past experiences, the Bird scooter would always stop while I was cruising down the street, and honestly, I hated it. On the other hand, Lime scooters are great because although the two scooters look almost identical, the Lime scooter wouldn’t stop on me. Whenever I had to ride through rough paths, it would go smoothly.

Check out Wakefield Action Media’s report on Birds vs. Limes:

Marwan Mohamed

Although they are fun to cruise on, people leave the scooters anywhere and it’s becoming a problem for pedestrians and drivers all around Wakefield and Arlington. Many people don’t follow the rules and ride on the streets without helmets. The 2 largest scooters companies in the U.S. (along with other e-scooters) have been accused of “gross negligence” according to Peter Holloway’s article in The Washington Post. If we want to keep these scooters around, we have to practice road safety and park them by the bike racks.

Be careful, lookout for oncoming cars, and make sure you ride the Lime way!