The Old Gym Floor: We Played On History

The old gym floor survived the move! It was repurposed as the back drop of our trophy case in front of the current gym.

The “old” Wakefield building was full of endearing memories and achievements. That is why Wakefield has kept a baseline from the old gym floor which spells out WAKEFIELD as the back paneling for the trophy cases set up in front of the new gym.

“Even though it was dusty, falling apart, and full of stains, it was our home. Something that the new floor will not have for a while is the blood, sweat, tears, and triumphs that the old floor had. We played on history, and I truly miss that about the old gym,” said senior Guard JP Defranco.

The old gym was full of activity, from late night volleyball games to early morning basketball practices. That floor held many different events, from winter pep rallies to the end of the year awards ceremony. Many say the old gym was the “place to be” in the building. It was truly a place where Wakefield students could relax – causally hang around or shoot some hoops before class.

The gym was always known for basketball, especially in ‘05 when Wakefield had an unstoppable team! “The old court is where it all started. If it wasn’t for the old court, none of us would be here. There would be no [2005] team, and there would be no 2012-2013 team. Although neither of those teams ever won the [state championship], they are the ones who will keep all the memories alive,” said sophomore guard Deng Nhial.

It was a sanctuary for the players, they had late practices during the week and countless early morning practices on Saturdays. All of the practices and hard work that was put in on that gym floor will never be forgotten.

Everyone’s favorite memory of the old building seems to be when senior Requan Hopson made that basket (click HERE) on that floor in the final seconds of the game which took the team to the Northern Regional Semifinals in the 2012-2013 school year. “The old court is where I won my first district championship and hit my first buzzer beater versus Langley. I love that court,” Hopson said.

Even with an impressive new gym, the old gym can never be replaced in the hearts of true Wakefield Warriors. The trophy case will help keep the memories of Wakefield’s diverse and dynamic history alive.