Redskins Beat The Cowboys for the First Time in a Long Time

Chris Cooper '20, Staff Writer

Redskins are steamrolling over teams as they move through the NFC East. In Week 7, The Redskins have added one more win to their record, coming off the huge late game victory against the Dallas Cowboys. The Redskins maintain a 4-2 record, which puts them in the top tier of teams in the NFL.

Long time fan and Resource Officer Harry Barnes said, “It was a great feeling; it was the best feeling on Earth. I was on top of the world .”

The long time rivalry between the Cowboys and Redskins lived up to the hype. The game was back and forth throughout the entirety of it; the Redskins strike first getting the 1st touchdown of the game in the 1st quarter. The Cowboys soon responded in the 2nd quarter with a touchdown as the score was knotted up going into halftime 7-7.

In the 2nd half of the game, the pace was slow as the Redskins only put 3 points on the board while holding the Cowboys off from scoring. In the 4th quarter things became neck and neck. The Cowboys drove down field scoring a crucial touchdown making it a 20-17 game. With the Redskins in the driver’s seat, they were unable to make anything happen. The Cowboys retained possession with little time on the clock. The Cowboys drove down the field putting them into field goal range. At first a 47 yard attempt seemed so simple, but a flag on the play moved the kick attempt to 52 yards. Both fan bases looked on as the ball went up and looked right on target but hit the field goal post and bounced off; the game was over. The Redskins defeated their long time rivalry 20-17.

Redskins fans were excited as they finally had bragging rights; they haven’t got a win over the Cowboys in quite some time. 

Tune in on Fox @ 1:00 pm this Sunday to watch the Redskins take on conference foe NY Giants.