JP Goes To The Movies: Million Dollar Arm Is Not A Home Run

How many Ws will JP give this movie?

How many Ws will JP give this movie?

JP DeFranco '14, Staff Writer

Starring: Jon Hamm, Suraj Sharma, Madhur Mittal, Alan Arkin, and Lake Bell

Give me a break on the “it’s an inspirational movie” and it’s the “underdog story of the year.” This movie is one of the most predictable movies in recent memory. Maybe because it’s from Disney. (This company has never had a solid “drama” film.) Million Dollar Arm was one of the most boring sports movies I have seen in a long time. Disney should just stick to movies with formats like Frozen and Toy Story.

Based on a true story, lead actor Jon Hamm plays JB Bernstein, a finically challenged sports agent who sees Baseball talent in Indian cricket players. He ventures to India in an attempt to find two young men to play in the big league.

His success is solely dependent on their success. He has no other clients. If anyone has seen Jerry Maguire, this is basically that Tom Cruise movie with a couple changes. The love development between JB and Brenda (Lake Bell) is weak and doesn’t compensate at all for the slow development of these young Indian baseball players. The light comedy the movie did have to offer doesn’t make this movie any more entertaining.

The problem is that this movie is not exciting. It had no moments where I sat back in my chair and said “wow.” I eventually just got tired of the predictability of it.

This is a cute movie, and I won’t say it’s not. It is just not a “must see” film.

I give it 1.5 out of 4 W’s.