Another Great Group of Students of the Month


Kimberly Rendon '20, Opinons Editor

It’s the time to shout out our Students of the Month at Wakefield! If you didn’t already know Student of the month is a staff given award for students that go above and beyond expectations and just overall being an amazing student.

This month we asked how these SotM were going to continue to strive for greatness. Sophomore Ivania Castro said, “why would I leave something that I can do today for tomorrow, I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow.” Great advice, Ivania. It’s important to push yourself to do better and better throughout the year to continue succeeding. Senior Jose Garcia said, “I kept telling myself that I can do better in school and if I keep focusing I will be successful. Take his advice, Wakefield. Hard work pays off. Junior Hadir Ali said, “I have a good relationship with other students and my teacher.” Form relationships with your teachers because they are the people who are gonna be there to support you throughout the school year. Freshman Faith Forbes said, “I’m going to continue to be respectful and continue to try hard in school.”

Student of the Month is an award that all students should try and receive at least once in their high school career, and it is a good way to feel rewarded for doing your best in school. There are plenty more opportunites in this school year to achieve SOTM, so keep trying, Warriors!