News Blasts: 7 Articles You Should Read

Four Men Stop Sexual Assault by Alyse Oliver ‘15

A man followed a woman off of the metro bus and threw her into the bushes and attempted to sexually assault her but four men heard her screams and fought the guy off. He attempted to run but was caught, arrested and charged with sexual battery.

I chose this article because I think some people deserve to know that there are still some good people in the world that are willing to help.

Read it here.


Diet Soda Myth Busted? by Kailee Blalock ‘16

For those of you who think diet sodas increase weight gain you may be very wrong. A new study was conducted by the American Beverage Association and the results proved the myth false. Of course there were many trials and variables but the result’s were surprisingly consistent in every group. To learn more about the Diet Soda Diet and see the weight loss results click here.


300 pounds and Retired. What Now? by Leo Biette-Timmons ‘14

Lining up against a 300 pound lineman in the NFL is pretty scary. These men, who weigh approximately as much as a giant panda, are athletic beasts. Their athleticism seems unnatural for a human of that size. But what happens after the NFL, when they retire, and when they stop exercising? Read the article here


Pakistani Woman Stoned To Death by Nilofar Tokhi ‘15

Rest in peace to the beloved three-month pregnant Farzana Parveen, a Pakistani woman who was stoned to death for almost being in an arranged marriage. The man participating in the soon-to-be marriage didn’t have the amount that was demanded for to forgo the marriage and acceptance, which in return were 100,000 rupees ($1,000 US dollars) for her family. A total of +879 women were brought upon the same beating for bringing shame upon their family’s name. Read more here.


Obesity Rate…up, up, and away! by Madeline Brophy ‘14

1/3 of the world is now overweight, with USA coming in 1st place with the most overweight people – not really a quality we’d like to showcase. Unhealthy food is becoming overly accessible. It is much easier to roll through the drive-through of your local McDonalds, rather than take the time to make yourself a nice, hearty and healthy breakfast. This relates to the whole change in pace of the world, everything is becoming faster and faster, and simultaneously the quality of everything is decreasing. Time is money, money is time – but health isn’t something that should be put on the back-burner.

To learn more about obesity, click here.


Does Light really Matter? by Alex Gilmore ‘14

Scientists have found out how to turn light into matter! Now, this has been a long debated theory that has been around since Einstein first produced his theory of relativity. Through a process that involves a hohluram- a small, gold can that absorbs laser radiation and emits x-ray radiation simultaneously- they can create other matter from light! Scientists at Imperial College London have discovered this and hope to have the first tests happening within a year (depending on how fast they can get a laboratory with the equipment sophisticated enough to preform the experiment). If you want to know more on the specifics, check out the article in Popular Science.


Reading Rainbow is Back! by Forrest Jacobs ‘14

For those of you that remember the classic PBS show Reading Rainbow, LeVar Burton launched a kickstarter campaign to help make an app for the show more accessible. He reassuringly said, “It will not, let’s be clear, replicate the classic show that aired from 1983 to 2009. The Kickstarter would essentially expand on that app, making it available on the Web and updating it with special tools for teachers — not for free, as the classic show was on PBS, but at a monthly subscription cost.” If you want to learn more or even make a donation click here.