UMG: The College Trip

Nilofar Tokhi '15, Staff Writer

A perfect opportunity to be in a college student’s shoes for two days was experienced by Wakefield’s United Minority Girls. On March 31st, UMG visited the University of Mary Washington and William & Mary. With the help of Mr. Bitler, Ms. Maitland, and Ms. Norber, the trip was a smashing success.

Beyond the college experience these ladies did some cosmic bowling at Shrader Lanes Bowling Alley, and even enjoyed some memorable complimentary breakfasts. It wasn’t the disco lights and the free scrambled eggs which made this experience invaluable; it was the comradery within the group which created lasting memories.

This trip gave the UMG members the opportunity to see student life, campus tours, visit with and get advice from currently enrolled college students at Mary Washington, William & Mary, and Richmond University.

Then the ladies went to the big, the busy, the city life at VCU! The university was definitely a difference from the first three schools. The diversity was just beautiful. Seeing people from all different backgrounds and stories made Wakefield feel welcome and part of Rams’ nation. Looking from left to right, ¾ of the students were wearing their school’s name somewhere on their clothing; this shows their great pride and spirit.

Any under classmen should visit these outstanding schools sometime during their high school career. It will make you realize that college is actually a big deal; it should always be on your mind. Talk to Mr. Beitler or Ms. Maitland to join the UMG trip next year!