MLK jr. Had a Dream and So Do I

I Have A Dream …..

To walk across the street, and the only profiling I have to deal with is which picture catches me in the right light,

but sometimes dark is too dark

means night

means another person that you couldn’t see right

That the only magazine a child knows is one that they rip the pages out of to make their vision board, not a gun.

Sweet child, the world revolves around you, but now-a-days revolvers do, too.

To open my grandmother’s eyes to the people that look different and feel different inside;

I would preach it to her until her tears turned rainbow,

make her feel all the colors she thought were the same-though

That the black child’s cries be heard

Oppression gave us resilience
But it also silenced us by the millions and millions

Black child is still crying

and black community is still dying

and everyone else is just complying

Watching us suffer from the past turned present must be fun, especially when you keep the mentality that “what’s done is done.”

I want to one day see change,

I want that one day to be tomorrow,

I want that one day to be today,

I want change.

 I want to be heard like every tweet that Trump sends out is a breaking news headline
I want to be seen like a noose is a warning sign
I want to be known like the sound of that gun every time it claims another life

I want to be destructive without the destruction; I’ve been defaulted to mute for far too long

Or maybe you’re just drowning me out

But remember, when rain falls, it pours, and we won’t be the only ones drowning this time. 

I have a dream, that one day this will become reality: 
Where there will be smiles big enough to hold together communities
Where Love will mean love and not just tolerance
Where there will be no worries for the rest of our days

 I have a dream, and one day
It will come true.