Students of the Month Give Advice for Second Semester


The school year will be half way over on Friday, January 25th; 1st semester will be over! Our Students of the Month share what habits they are leaving behind and keeping as we start the 2nd semester.

Senior Nadia Bejerano talked about pressure; “I am leaving behind self inflicted pressure…trying to make sure in the second semester that the effort I put in is worth it.”

Freshman Liana Rosas Tapia said, “I am focusing on school, which is most important. My grades. I check them twice a day.” Twice a day! That is a lot, Liana. Do what helps to keep you focused and on track. Speaking of focus, freshman Audra Rissmeyer said, “I am going to keep focusing in class and planning study time into my day. I usually spend at least 45 miutes on homework.” Sounds like a great idea.

Freshman Jaden Tham missed the group photo, so his only option was a selfie with Ms. Wathen.

Freshman Jaden Tham said, “I always do my homework. Even when I don’t want to. I do it with my friends. We have a study group. Everybody does one thing, then we share it.” Great practice to keep up in 2nd semester, Jaden!

Sophomore Mekyah Dunbar said, “I am getting rid of my procrastination. It prevents me from being able to apply myself. I am leaving this behind in the first semester.” Great advice, Mekyah!

Junior Everett Vera gave the best advice of all; “I am eating one avocado every day…well, almost every day. Avocados are really good; they have acids and oils that are really good for your skin and hair. It is very important to have healthy habits.”