Is Three Our Lucky Number? Lunch!


Kiana Cauley '15

Three lunches mean shorter lines in the cafeteria.

With 1,687 students registered to attend Wakefield the week before school starts, #warriornation is growing! This year, the cafeteria will be crowded. It is inevitable that another lunch period would be added to our schedule to help thin the lines.

Junior Sophie Rooks said, “I think having three lunch periods is a great idea. We all felt the lunch lines were too long anyway.”

Some students aren’t as happy. Senior Deangelo Jones said, “three lunches will just bring you further from what little family you have left at the school.”

The new lunch schedule is based on subject taught this year, not classroom location.
Let’s see what the new lunch schedule is:
Lunch A (11:17-11:52am): All House classes, Fine and Performing Arts, Family and Computer Sciences, English, MIPA, and Life Skills.
Lunch B (12:04-12:39pm): World Languages, HILT, and Special Education Self-Contained
Lunch C (12:52-1:27pm): PE, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Career Center

All students will have lunch for 35 minutes. A Lunch is last year’s 1st lunch. Students will eat lunch, then go to class. B Lunch is held in the time in between. Students will go to class, lunch, then back to class. C Lunch is last year’s 2nd lunch. Students will go to class, then lunch.

It seems like Wakefield is settling in and making adjustments to fit the larger student body and building. Some are saying that Wakefield could lose that warrior spirit being so split during the day. Physical proximity is not what made Wakefield. We can keep that #warriornation spirit alive. It can grow even larger in this bigger building.