3 Ways to Bounce Back from All the Breaks!


Senior Elena Arrowsmith tries to fight senioritis in Town Hall.

Warriors, interims are this Friday. We are almost halfway through the 3rd quarter and are finally going back to the normal 5 day week without delays. We have been doing this for a while but are still trying to transition from late nights watching movies, to late nights studying. Get ready physically and mentally so you can take on this semester smoothly. Let’s see some good methods you can use to achieve the best semester ever!


Don’t be a pessimist about things, but instead try to have a more positive outlook on everything. Even if things aren’t going your way, having the right mindset can prevent setbacks. Turn your failures into lessons and then into successes. Also talk to yourself, I know that sounds odd, but it helps you push yourself to your full potential. Most importantly: surround yourself by people who will push you to be the best you can be. Get rid of that toxic energy!

Time Management

Time is very important in our lives and plays a significant role. Time management is more essential than you might think, and it’ll help you get things done as soon as you are assigned them. Try to prevent yourself from procrastinating and running out of time. This will make you stress, and no one works well under stress.


Clean up your desk, locker, and all your study materials. Don’t hold onto things you probably won’t need. It’s easy for things to pile up and get really messy. Take some time to organize your binders, and don’t forget to save notes for finals!

Remember, don’t worry too much because in a few months we’ll be back to¬† staying up late, going to the beach, and getting kissed by the sun. Be determined, Warriors! Finish off this semester stronger than ever!