Crisis in Venezuela has Global Repercussions


Photo found @warriors_mom

Humanitarian Aid trucks are stopped at the border.

Once considered to be the wealthiest country in Latin America, Venezuela is facing an unprecedented economic and political crisis. This crisis is marked by the vast political divide between the current president Nicolás Maduro and Juan Guaidó, the Majority Leader of the National Assembly (Legislative Branch of the Government), who has declared himself acting president. 

The real tragedy strikes the people of Venezuela. With inflation skyrocketing, the people are suffering the most. ”

Guaidó has named himself president because many suspect that the most recent elections (which reelected Maduro) seemed rigged. According to The Guardian, Guaidó just returned to his home 3 days ago. This “opposition politician, who most western nations now recognize as Venezuela’s legitimate interim president”, had this to say when he made it through security on his way to a rally in the capital, Caracas, “We are stronger than ever…We know the risks we are facing but this has never stopped us.” Guaidó is trying to get Maduro to resign so the country can have free and fair elections.

Maduro has been President of Venezuela for 6 years. He has had a lot of support from Russia, China, and the Venezuelan military. Maduro thinks that the United States has fabricated this crisis to start a war in South America to take control of Venezuela’s oil. According to, Maduro said that the U.S. “wants Venezuela’s oil” and is “willing to go to war for that oil.” He went on to describe Venezuela as a “pacifist, humble nation”. Many of his supporters are starting to fade; according to CNN, a Venezuelan solider said,  “I would say about 80% of the army is against the government…You can see in some states, soldiers have starting attending demonstrations.”

The real tragedy strikes the people of Venezuela. With inflation skyrocketing, the people are suffering the most. Many are walking in the streets with hundreds of dollars that don’t hold value in their hands. Due to this economic struggle, many Venezuelans have been fleeing to neighboring countries: Colombia, Peru, Brazil and Ecuador in search of food, jobs, and medicine. Last month, according to, “at least two people were killed and around 300 injured in violent clashes at border crossings, while humanitarian aid destined for Venezuela was set on fire, seemingly by troops loyal to Mr Maduro.”

Once a prosperous and beautiful place, Venezuela has fallen hard. How long will this back and forth feud destroy Venezuela?