Way Too Early Men’s March Madness Predictions


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Whether Zion Williamson plays or not is a big influence in the final four.

As the Division 1 Mens Tournament approaches, many people predict who will make it to the top seeds. March 17th is when everything begins. 68 tournament teams compete in a series of basketball games over a 19 day period. This tournament has increased in popularity, so it has earned the nickname “March Madness”. To conclude the NCAA tournament, the best teams arise to face each other in the final four. In the end, the top two teams go head to head to win it all.

My Final Four predictions are very close to Andy Katz’s NCAA tournament field predictions:


Gonzaga seems most likely at making it to the Final Four. With their 29-2  overall record, many believe that they will be a tough team to beat.

  • DUKE

Duke has a great chance at making it to the Final Four with their overall 25-4 record. They have powerful player named Zion Williamson who controls the paint with his tremendous athletic abilities. He stands 6 foot 7 inches weighing 280 lbs. This basketball forward increases the teams chances of making it far in the NCAA Mens Tournament.


Virginia has a tremendous overall record of 26-2. This Atlantic Coast basketball team has been defying the odds in the standings and will most likely make it to the Final Four.


Here is where I differ from Andy Katz. He picked Tennessee to make it to the Final Four. Even though tennessee is 27-3 and Kentucky is 25-5, Kentucky just seems more forceful on the court. With the guidance of point guard Ashton Hagans, this college basketball team is likely to make it to the Final Four.

Either Gonzaga or Duke are going to win it all. Oooooh. That is a tough choice to make. If Zion Williamson comes back, then Duke will win it all. If not, I think Gonzaga will clench the title.