The Benefits of Therapy Pets

Ariana Sousa '19, Staff Writer

According to KQED news, Jeff Sindler, the head of Burgundy Farm Country Day School in Fairfax County, brings his dog, Cameron, to the main office of the school. This, in turn, led the staff to bring in more dogs for emotional support for students.

Now, hospitals, nursing homes, courtrooms, and colleges are joining in the trend and bringing in animals to create a peaceful environment. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a dog. You can have any kind of pet like Cats, Parakeets, and Bunnies. As long as you are happy with your ideal companion then it can really help a person out since, animals are capable of being loving towards someone in need of support. Therefore, if you are feeling upset or worried always remember that you have a little fuzzy, feathery, or scaly friend by your side.

According to Therapy Pet these are the top five most trending comfort pets. At number one we have dogs; they are cute and lovable fuzzy friends to put a smile on our face for giving you affection. But, if dogs aren’t really your thing, then you might like cats at number two. Cats give off a relaxing vibe and can be a great cuddle buddy. Smaller pets for number three, can help out with motoring skills and their much easier to take care of. Number four are reptiles, to help us get a boost of confidences from a scaly friend and helping cope with our existing problems. Last but not least, at number five is birds, a parrot or parakeets can help you with your emotional struggles.

Also, there has been some studies involved around both the physical and mental health benefits of having a lovable companion by your side. Researchers in UCLA, studied some both mental and physical benefits that is truly helpful. The mental benefits is coping anxiety, providing comfort, and helping with recalling memory due to less stress towards the brain. While the physical benefits of owning a therapy companion is lowering blood pressure, improving heart problems, and taking less medication towards their health issues.

All of these friends are here to make us feel better. Their animal instincts knows when we are feeling upset or stressed. They naturally help us feel joy and happiness, or at least to make us feel safe.