Emoji’s are like our internet moods. They represent our emotions, favorite foods, culture and even more! While pride flags and LGBTQ+ Emojis were included back in 2016, are Emoji’s doing a good enough job at representing everyone? Writer Rhianna Jones and her friend Kerrilyn Gibson don’t believe so, and have started a petition to change that.

You can change the skin tone of your emojis to whatever fits you best, and the wide range is appreciated, but the same cannot be said for the limited hairstyles presented. Rhianna Jones andĀ  Kerrilyn Gibson want their natural hair to be represented, which led to the making of #AfroHairMatters. Rhianna Jones is very passionate about getting her emojis in the unicode acceptance selection for 2020. On Rhianna’s petition, she said “currently, emoji hair is straight and Eurocentric, and fails to represent the diversity of Black, Afro-Latinx and other Diasporic communities with kinkier, spherical, coily hair.” With the history of African Americans being targeted for wearing their natural hair, this would be a step in the right direction for inclusion.

What we, as a diverse, iPhone loving, finger tapping society can do, is join the cause by taking one minute out of your day to fill out their petition! Click here to join the cause. All aspects of representation matters, whether it be in congress, or on social media. Differences speak volumes! #AfroHairMatters