Best Peruvian Chicken Around Town?

AND…Peruvian Chicken Isn’t The Only Food of Peru

I ask 250 Wakefield students if they liked to eat Peruvian chicken. 84.44% of Wakefield students like to eat it. That is 211 students! Why ask? Senior Project. I wanted to know which Peruvian chicken place students thought was best, and I wanted students to know that this Peruvian chicken is not the only food of Peru. There is a vast culture in Peru based in food beyond the chicken. 

Photo found @GiosChickenMD

The survey helped me analyzed what others thought about one main Peruvian dish, chicken. Which location is the most popular? El Pollo Rico received the most votes. A close second was Super Pollo. Edy’s Chicken got third place. The Chicken Place got 4th out of 4.

Beyond the survey, I have learned that everyone knows about Peruvian chicken, but they don’t know about other Peruvian cuisines like Papa a la Huancaína. All over the country, this plate is always around in the afternoon. They are eaten after work or after school. It is served everywhere.

Photo found @farfromruin

Based on the survey, the Wakefield Community enjoys Peruvian chicken. I hope years from now, they enjoy more of the rich foods of my culture.