Pizza with Zeinab: United Minority Girls Discuss How Important Program is to Wakefield

It is a second family for these juniors and seniors.

April brings rain and budget talks. Both are needed, but sometimes it can feel likeit is all just too much. The Office of Equity and Excellence, along with other very vital programs, was on the proposed budget cut list. At Wakefield this means an end to the United Minority Girls and Cohort Programs. When the news broke, staff and students rallied, attending the March 29th Board meeting, interviewing with local news sites, doing anything and everything to get the word out that they needed outside support to survive. At this moment, it looks like the programs are safe and the 2020 Budget does not include ending these vital programs. Final Budget approval is May 9th.

Wakefield Action Media spoke with Feben and Ruth, two of the vocal seniors and members of United Minority Girls who have advocated to keep this program running by sharing with anyone who will listen how deeply integral UMG has been to them. UMG is a second family to them. Watch the video for memories and examples of how important UMG and Cohort are to the students here at Wakefield.