Student Of the Month: Looking Beyond Exam Season


It’s time for Students of the Month. If you don’t already know, the Student of the Month is a staff chosen award given to students who go above and beyond. It can be given to students with good grades, students who put all lots of effort into school, or students who just show kindness to everyone around them.

This month our SotMs award winners told us what they are looking forward to at the end of the school year.

Freshman Carrie Allen said what we’re all feeling, “I don’t know, a good life? and some food, lol.”

Some students responded by telling us what they’re looking forward to farther into the future. Freshman Vivian Alvarado said, “Hopefully, finding good opportunities in the future that can help me on my career path.”

They even told us what they were doing for summer. Junior Christian Tankson said, ” Summer break, I’m going back home to Chicago!”

So, Warriors we only have two months left and have so much to look forward to! Keep working hard and being kind to those around you.