Wakefield Action Media: 29th Edition

Good Morning, Wakefield. Central Library’s Annual AP Study Night is THIS Sunday, May 5th 9-11pm! Senior Laptop Collection has begun. Turn yours in to Ms. Stokes-Beverly between Wednesday, May 1st and Wednesday, June 12th. If you don’t turn it in, you don’t get a cap and gown. We have the 2nd (and final episode for this school year) edition of The Kayla Show. She learns choreography for the Spring Musical, Chicago. It opens this Friday and Saturday at 7pm in the Auditorium. Students are $10 and Adults are $15. Go see this play.


A previously published version of Wakefield Action Media: 29th Edition had a video segment titled, “Quickway Conversation”. It was offensive to our beautiful and strong Asian American Community. Sophomore Reina Cooper wrote an article about the segment. Read it here. We have removed this video. WAM pledges to do better, warriors.

Ms. Wathen is the final approver of all video segments. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please set up a time to speak with her in C-116, or email her at [email protected]