Fegla Park 2

Marwan Mohamed '19, Broadcast Journalism Creator

Fegla Park 2 is the sequel to Fegla Park. Watch Fegla Park here.

Special thanks to Tom Mallan of HB Woodlawn. Without the Arlington Student Filmfest, this would not be possible.

The 2019 Arlington Student Filmfest is at HB Woodlawn from Thursday, May 30th to Saturday, June 1st.

Thursday, May 30th: Elementary School Screening and Awards 4-9pm

Friday, May 31st: Festeve! (Film making and ice breakers. FREE! If you are a film maker, go to this event!)

Saturday, June 1st: Middle and High School Screening and Awards 9am – 4pm


Be aware: there is some mildly strong language in key scenes of the film. Running from a 50 foot dog is stressful.