The Summer From Down Under


Manaal Qadri '15

I’m just resting my eyes.

Manaal Qadri '15, Staff Photographer

Australia is amazing. If anyone reading this gets the chance to go there, it’s beautiful. I wouldn’t live there, honestly, but it’s a wonderful place to visit.

The scenery is absolutely stunning. Though I would say that if you were planning to stay for more than 2 weeks, have somebody you know take you places.

Cool places to see in Melbourne:

Great Ocean Rd: a scenic drive across dozens of mountains. You just keep going straight for who knows how long.

Royal Botanical Garden: A huge area that cannot be seen in a day or even two. It’s filled with plants from all over the world.   Australian trees are weird shaped. This is a must see whether or not you like plants.

Shrine of Remembrance: A world war II memorial. hundreds of stairs to walk up (not really only about 50) and inside the memorial there are censuses of all the Australians that fought in the war scattered in alphabetical order around the walls of the building.

Wilson’s Prom: One of the beaches we went to, though weren’t supposed to go in the water because it was too cold, but we mustered the strength to get in anyway.

Frankston Beach: Another beach, but this time, we were allowed to go in the water; it was freezing cold. My back burned so much after swimming there. Lots of jellyfish and after going in the water, everyone buried me in the sand.

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