Spring Concert Season is Here


Photo by Mr. Blair

A picture from our Winter Concert series.

It’s that time of year again. When May showers bring Spring flowers…and music! That’s right, throughout May and the beginning of June, Wakefield’s students who take music classes will show you what they have learned this year.

Below, you can find which concerts are on what days and what time they start. These concerts will all take place in the auditorium.

Spring Choral Concert- Wednesday, May 22nd at 7PM

Junior Trunya Joaquin, who is also a part of Madrigals, said that her favorite thing about the class is being able to sing with friends and find her vocal range. She also said that people should come to the choral concert because “you get to see how much work we put in throughout the year. We have may concerts, but this is our final one.”

Band Concert- Friday, May 24th at 7PMĀ 

Guitar Concert- Wednesday, May 29th at 7PM

Junior Kira Avalos, who is a part of the concert band and the guitar ensemble, said, “you can really see the Warriors shine…we play some great pieces.” Kira plays the sneer drums and a standard 6-string guitar.

Spring Orchestra Concert- Wednesday, June 5th at 7PM

Sophomore Cydell Still, a Cellist in the Symphony Orchestra here at Wakefield, said that her favorite part of Orchestra is “the kids in my class because we’re always cracking jokes…and I like playing the music.” Cydell said that people should come to the orchestra concert because of the practice they they’ve put in, while also working around the testing schedule.

The music students of Wakefield have obviously put in a lot of work to perfect their crafts. Come out and enjoy some good music that has been created by our Wakefield musicians.