Varsity Softball Heads to Conference Semi Finals

Aron Hinton '22, Staff Writer

“Softball (like most sports) is much easier to learn when you’re young, but it is still pretty easy to pick up the basics when you’re older if you have a good coach that focuses on fundamentals and mechanics” said Varsity captain Kiera Collins-Joseph. 

Most people don’t pay attention to softball as much they do baseball because many watch male sports over female sports. Softball players work just as hard as male baseball players, if not harder.

Each high school game consists of seven innings which is usually about two hours long. The object of the game is to score more runs (points) than the other team by batting (hitting) a ball into play and running around the bases, touching each one in succession.

Wakefield’s Varsity Softball team has had an excellent regular season. They stand with a overall record of 14 wins and 7 losses. Their captain Kiera Collins-Joseph, has already been in the recruiting process with a few college coaches and she plans to continue to work towards her goal. With Wakefield’s renowned work ethic they should go far as a team. And as far as Kiera, her future looks bright as well.

Congratulations to Varsity Softball for their first round playoff victory over Justice last night. Come out and support the girls as they take on Marshall (at Marshall) TODAY (Wednesday) at 6:00 pm.