It’s October: Time for Haunted Attractions

The weather is dropping, the leaves are falling, Fall is here. I’m coming at you with new Haunted attractions to visit this October. My favorite time of the year! Spooky season is finally here!

American Scream Halloween Selfie Museum

Ever heard of a museum that dedicates itself to selfies and fears? Yeah, me neither. If you’re a Halloween fan or horror kind of person, this place is for you. This isn’t your normal historical type of museum. This is a museum with terrifying sets as seen on TV where you can visit and take selfies. You might just come face to face with a chilling creature. With amazing prices as low as $20 per person, visit American Scream Halloween Selfie Museum.


Dare to step foot in a Carlheim Manor’s REAL Haunted Mansion. Maybe even spend the night if you’re brave enough. Legend has it after the Manor family moved into this mansion in 1879, they came upon a group of unmarked graves and disturbed the bodies. After that, everyone who lived or worked in the house died of mysterious or unexplained causes. The mansion and grounds were abandoned, and the stories of murder were forgotten. Today, the grounds are being opened again as a community camp and recreation area called Camp Carlheim. After hearing the legend, do you still dare to purchase tickets and maybe even stay the night?

Haunted Nightmares

The Haunted Nightmare attraction caught my eye because they offer a “buried alive” simulator which is apparently their most popular attraction out of all 5 they offer.  You basically go on a hayride called “The Last Ride” in which you lay in a casket on this hay ride. They advertise this as “This may very likely be your only chance to lie down inside of a casket…and get out again.” That gave me the chills.. If that’s all too much for you, they also offer escape rooms in which you solve clues to move onto the next room, and a non haunted hayride and corn maze. And if you want to be scared, but not experience a death simulator, they have a Haunted House with professional sets so you’re guaranteed a good scare.

Stay safe and have a Happy Halloween!