Fall Fashion Must Haves


Photo found @trendyfashpro

It is black leather jacket and black jeans weather, Wakefield.

Kimberli Tellez '20, Staff Writer

Put the neon colors away because Fall is here!

Here are the Fall trends of 2019.

Animal prints make a huge statement because the colors are so neutral, which is perfect for the fall. Preferably leopard or snake print. Wearing black or browns and throwing in a animal print really gives your outfit a pop of attention. If your not too interested in neutral colors, that’s fine. Colors of interest for this Fall are definitely mustard, burgundy, and orange.¬† A cute knitted sweater with these colors would be so cute!

As of recently, I’ve also been noticing that Flared pants have been trendy. From jeans to leggings to yoga pants, flared bottoms is the style we are going for this fall. Paired with a long sleeve of your choice, they’re the type of pants were you can dress it up or really dress it down.

Jean jackets and leather jackets are the “it” thing this fall. A leather jacket is something my closet is definitely missing for this fall. A black leather jacket paired with black jeans and some booties is the perfect style. A¬†jean jacket paired with some matching jeans is fall fashion. In my honest opinion, jean on jean looks stunning.

Finish with a pair of converse for any of these styles.