Totally Red! is Totally Rad!


Jonathan Stewart '21, Staff Writer

Today and tommorrow, October 21st & 22nd, the Wakefield Theater II class will be presenting Totally Red! by Dinah Toups. It is our first look at Theater this school year.

Totally Red is the story of Red Riding Hood told in different styles so there is something for everyone. Mr. Gillespie said it is a “humorous retelling of the classic tale Little Red Riding Hood in multiple styles: Storybook Theater, Melodrama, Shakespearean, 90’s Hip Hop, and Avant-garde.” Junior Louis Odum said, “the most memorable style out of the ones the class is performing is avant-garde.”

There are many Wakefield students in the cast: Marco Arias Anduze, Ava Edwards, Joshua Gravely, Anna Hargett, Laurel Izzo, Peter Lane, Katerina Larrick, Jaser Mohammed, Louis Odum, Paula Orsini, Adriel Ramirez, Thanakorn Rasmeloungon, Adrian Ulm, Gabriel Vazquez, Malachi Jimenez-Washington, PROPS & LIGHTS   Ethan Chestnut, and SOUND Isai Basagoitia.

The show is in Wakefield’s Auditorium at 6:30 PM. There is free admission for the show, and any donations are welcome.