Another 100 Word Story

I shield my eyes from the oncoming storm of sand. I’m depending on him to guide me through this sightless landscape, just the two of us. Suddenly, he isn’t there anymore. I turn and look around, but I still can’t see except for a couple of feet in front of me. But, then it hits me. He was never actually there, but he is still with me all the same. I still have the strength he gave me. So I keep pushing, even through the strongest of storms. But the storms aren’t going to be over anytime soon.

The End.



Do you have knack for writing? Then you should try writing a 100 word story. It can be fun to write out a small idea you have that you want to showcase. You can read more 100 word stories here, or you can write your own and email it to Ms. Wathen (The Chieftain Adviser) at [email protected]