5 Ways To Ask: HOCO!


Erika Zelaya '15

Use an inside joke to help get that yes to homecoming. She is his cinnamon apple. He is her pumpkin face.

Erika Zelaya '15, Opinions Editor

It is that time of year: changing leaves, sweater weather, dark mornings, and Homecoming. Use one of the 5 ways below to up your chances of getting a yes.


Everyone loves food, so ask that special someone with their favorite dish! It’s simple and sweet. This is a great way to ask someone especially if they are not the flashy type. All you need is a sharpie and a pizza box to get the answer you’re looking for. You can kill two birds with one stone; a homecoming ask and dinner afterwards. Your potential date not into pizza? Think of what that person does like and simply write the question, “Hoco?” on it. If it is obvious that you thought about that person’s likes, the chances of a yes increase tenfold.


If you want to make a huge gesture, and let the whole school know, then make a giant banner! It’s fairly simple and won’t burn a hole in your wallet. All you need is poster paper, paint, and a place to hang it! You can surprise them at work, class, a game or performance. This would make anyone feel very special.


Don’t feel like doing what everyone else is doing to ask their date to homecoming? Then use body paint. Take a cue from the @whssuperfans. Gather up your friends and write “Homecoming?” on their stomachs with body paint! This is a great way to get everyone involved, and after you can all hang out together.


Homecoming asks can get pretty played out after a while, so try to change things up by being clever. Anyone can write “Homecoming?” on a piece of paper, so try to do something creative. It can be a play on words or an inside joke between the two of you. If you can make them laugh, the anticipated yes can’t be too far behind.


Again, a fairly easy and cheap way to ask a date to homecoming. Search your house for some Christmas lights and then string them into the word “Hoco” and you’re set! You can place them essentially anywhere they can be seen easily. Do it outside at night for an enchanting effect. This simple method can result in a dreamy yes!


All of these ways to ask are effortless, and more than one can be done at once. If you’re really trying to impress someone try doing a couple of these manageable asks instead of one big extravagant one. Your wallets will thank you and your date will be more than ecstatic!

Get out there, and ask someone! 

Remember, the Homecoming dance is October 25 from 8-11 p.m in the Cafeteria. The theme is Great Gatsby: A Little Party Never Killed No One.