The 3 Winter Styles I Am Obsessed with Right Now

The days have gotten short and the nights have gotten longer. Winter weather is here, and winter is only a month away! I’m ready to share some trends to keep you nice and warm on these long, cold winter nights.

Sherpa jacket found on Twitter @peachytokkii

One of the top trendiest pieces of clothing that I’ve found myself buying multiple pieces of is Sherpa. From hoodies and cardigans to jean jackets with sherpa lining, Sherpa is the cutest and best way to stay warm right now.

Outfit found at

Knit fabrics really pull an outfit together . Combine sweaters, hats, and scarfs of matching, or complementing, colors. Pair with a basic color of pants, or leggings, or jeans; and knee high boots or some comfy Uggs. This is also a good way to look stylish and not allow your body heat to escape into the cold night.

I love shopping online. Outfit found at

For my final suggestion, a matching set of joggers with a sweatshirt is the most trendy and casual way to go about this winter. Even better if the joggers are fleeced lined. This outfit is comfortable and simple, but you still can look decent enough to be out in your sweats.

This winter is going to be very cold, so bundle yourself up while still looking fashionably warm.