Carmelo Anthony is Back!

DeAndre Parker , Staff Writer

Carmelo Anthony is back in the NBA! He has not played since November 2018 when he was released from the Rockets. According to ESPN, 35 year old Carmelo Anthony has agreed to play for the Portland Trailblazers in a non-guaranteed deal as of yesterday. If he stays on the roster til January 7th, his deal becomes fully guaranteed.

It has been 369 days since he played. Melo has been consistent each day, having individual workouts, waiting to get called from a NBA representative. He said on Steven A Smith’s First Take; “I’m in the gym every single day…silence is not my surrender.” Back when he was released from the Rockets, no one was looking to put him on a roster. Fans around the country seem happy to see him come back in full affect! The Blazers need him to fill the lack of a Power Forward on the team. Melo joins the Blazers this saturday in a six game road trip.

Best of luck, Melo!