Students of the Month Share Winter Break Plans


Our November Students of the Month celebrated last Thursday in Town Hall. They got some snacks and a picture taken for The Chieftain. One student from each grade level volunteered to share if they are working on any school work over Winter Break and something fun they are doing with family or friends. The most important word in Winter Break is BREAK. Everyone needs to take some sort of break from work to be ready for 2020.

Freshman Eniyah Carter said, “I am going to do my Photography project and some math notes. I am looking forward to Christmas. I have no idea what I am going to do yet, but I am looking forward to it.”

Sophomore Ava Edwards said, “Over Winter Break, I plan to review previous Economic and Algebra 2 notes. For fun? I am going to spend time with my family.”

Junior Laila Epps said, “For school wise, I have to study for my WISE Literacy test. I am also going to my dad’s house to spend time with him and have Christmas in Georgia.”

Senior Devon Graham said, “Over Winter Break I am going to go to Ohio and spend Christmas with my grandparents and all my family in Ohio. Then, I am going to go to New York and see my other grandparents. I have to work on my research project and catch up on math, too.”

Our SotMs have some specific subject areas they are focusing on, and making sure to spend some of their break having fun. Make your plans for Winter Break, Wariors. 4 days left!