Parasite Wins Best Picture of the Year: Here’s Why


Photo found on twitter @soompi

For the first time in history, a foreign-language film has earned the title of Best Picture at the Oscars. The movie “Parasite” took home three other Oscars and is expected to continue its record-breaking streak in other countries.

So what makes this movie so spectacular? 

The film tells the story of an impoverished family and their struggle to improve their situation. When their son is given the opportunity to make some money by tutoring the daughter of the wealthy Park family, he and his family rise to the occasion and devise a scheme to get the whole family to infiltrate the home and work under the Parks. The situation takes a turn for the worst when secrets are uncovered as greed and class division come into play. The family is left to decide how far is too far in this symbiotic relationship between parasite and host.

As soon as the movie starts, you are confronted with the cinematographic choices that make every scene, whether its the lavish life of the rich, or the harsh realities of the lower class, create an unsettling feeling in your stomach. The subtle images that linger a little too long, the mundane conversations that play into the bigger plot, every intricate detail is meant to make you feel uneasy.

The movie balances out its intense filming method with the clever yet comedic nature of the characters and the hilarious dynamic between each of them. At times, you don’t know who is in the wrong and who’s left for you to root for, and that makes it all the more exciting. 

It’s made such a long-lasting impact on me that it’s become my favorite movie of all time. 

The combination of thrill, comedy, passion, and despair is what makes this hauntingly beautiful film leave you awestruck. It deserved every award it got and hopefully gets many more.