State Champion Steven Rochard: Warrior At Heart


Steven, 3rd from right, moments after he was named State Champion surrounded by fellow wrestlers.

For the second year in a row, Wakefield has a State Wrestling champion. Senior Steven Rochard earned first place at the State Wrestling championship this past weekend. After dedicating six years to the sport, his dedication and passion is finally being recognized. While he may not be a student at Wakefield, he goes to the Career Center, he embodies all that Warriors stand for and wrestled under Wakefield’s name.

Rochard began wrestling in seventh grade, but never expected to win the State tournament. He said “I never thought this was possible for me…and it feels great to have all this hard work pay off.” When it came to training for the competition he stayed focused on two things: recovery and maintenance. He also didn’t let the weight of the State competition impact him. He said, “I didn’t want to treat the State tournament as anything special, I just wanted to focus on performing my best.”

When it comes to training and preparing for matches, he said “I always have to make sure that I’m on weight the night before the competition, which might involve extra practicing or running. I also try to get as much sleep as I can to be well rested for the day-long tournaments.” He reinforced the support those around him provided. He said, “I’ve been very blessed with great coaches, teammates and family in my support system.” Rochard has also experienced his fair share of challenges throughout the sport, his biggest obstacle occurring last year. He said, “I got the flu before the State tournament and wasn’t able to perform at my best.” He used this challenge as a lesson and implemented the lesson this year; he said, “this year, I focused heavily on rest and recovery and I’m very thankful that I avoided injuries and sickness for the majority of the season.”

His advice for beginning wrestlers? It is simple and universal; he said, “put the work in and be disciplined with yourself. Do the little things everyday that will lead you to your goals.”

Photo found @WHSwrestling53 on Twitter

When you see Steven, congratulate him on being the last man standing at States. We are proud of you!