Brighten Your Home! Buy Flowers and Herbs! Wakefield Plant Sale until Friday, 3/27!


Photo found on Twitter @SevilleFarms

These colorful New Guinea Impatiens have long blooming flowers and are low maintenance.

Wakefield’s annual PTSA Plant Sale fundraiser is here! Through Friday, March 27th, you can preorder some beautiful plants to keep you company within the walls of your home. Not only are these plants pretty, they play an important role in supporting the Wakefield community.

This fundraiser has been going on for at least 10 years, and is the only one the Wakefield PTSA holds all year. The money goes towards funding important grants for teachers, students, and club activities for the next school year. In the past, the money has funded author visits, field trips to the Smithsonian, leadership conferences, volunteer events, and even entry fees for Louder Than a Bomb DMV. This money gives so many incredible opportunities to students and staff in the Wakefield community. 

For those worried about how difficult to may be to take care of these plants, don’t be! There are a wide variety of plants that are pretty low maintenance. Plant sale coordinator, Sarita Bhargava, said, “Impatiens and geraniums are so easy to care for and so pretty as are the herbs like basil and lavender — they both droop when they need water and are hearty. They like the Virginia sun.” 

A majority of them cost under $5.  PTSA parent, Susan Wallin, said, “My all-time favorite is the begonia hiemalis. It is prized for its waxy green foliage and the brightly colored flowers that bloom profusely from spring until autumn. Gorgeous.”

A sheet will be available to sign up for time slots to pick up preordered plants on April 25th. Same-day purchases at the sale won’t be happening because of the coronavirus social distancing measures.

Make sure to support Wakefield and brighten up your home by preordering a plant at