A letter to the hopeless

A letter to the hopeless

I am hopeless too

Sometimes I wish I could be a useful tool

But as a person I require more than a little oil to let rusted gears move

And I know you do too

Now nobody feels like standing or moving

We just want to close our eyes till we can truly stand again

There never seems to be an end in sight

But the end sneaks up on us like the sun after a sleepless night

You’re so exhausted that it’s jarring

But it makes you happy to wake up and see the ones you love

Everyone seems to have had trouble sleeping

Some days you forget what hope is

But it’s still there

It’s the reason you wake up every day even if it seems reasonless

The weather is a flash from rain to sun and back again

Colors fluctuating like your mood

A month strobe lights for the soul

Time flows to fill the glass you drink from every day

You poke electrodes on your brain and see how you twitch

Going through every permutation twice you still continue

Creativity pooled like tears around your eyes

A Rainbow of sadness

Now your eyes are stained glass

Everything you see is a piece of art since you don’t see that much anymore