The Sport That Ends As School Starts


Photo by Lifetouch

Golf season is already over.

Alyse Oliver '15, After School Staff Writer

One of the first Fall Sports is already done: GOLF!

Wakefield’s Golf team has seen dramatic improvement in the past few years. This is in part due to the dynamic coaches: Greenfield and Chauvenet. When asked about this years’ golf results, Chauvenet said, “we have a really young team and this is the closest we’ve ever come to making Regionals.” They missed Regionals by 11 shots (which is about 1%). Three players made it to Regionals individually: Matt Westrick, Jake Karton, and Marin Pena.

What is the best part? “The time you play the best you’ve ever played” said golfer Matt Westrick. According to Westrick, the most frustrating part about golf is when you’re, “halfway through a round and you mess up.”

Coach Chauvenet and Coach Greenfield work together to make their team a success. Golf requires a lot of skill. Thinking about joining next season? Player Sean Kelly said, “ I wish I started golf a lot earlier.” Player Brian Henry said “It’s the most fun sport out of all the sports.” Coach Chauvenet talked about what it takes to be on the team; people need to be calm and even tempered. Solid hand-eye coordination and persistence are also essential skills.

He also stated that “in order to be good, you have to be consistent. Patience is the key.”