Trevor’s NFL Power Rankings After Week One


We have been waiting for Football. The first week had some surprising wins and some familiar disappointments. Here are my Power Rankings after Week One. Where does your team sit in the rankings?

1. Kansas City Chiefs

 The Super Bowl Champs easily defeated the Houston Texans last Thursday 34-20 showing their dominance on top of the league.

2. Baltimore Ravens

On Sunday, former MVP Lamar Jackson threw three touchdown passes against the Browns making sure everyone knows that nothing has changed since last season and ending the game with a stunning score of 38-6, Ravens. It also looks like the Calais Campbell trade has paid off, already improving the Ravens pass rush, which was their main weakness last season. 

3. Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers put up the most points this week with 43 against the Minnesota Vikings winning the game, 43-34. If that doesn’t say enough, Aarron Rodgers threw for 4 touchdowns and over 350 yards making sure people knew that their 13-3 record last year was not soft.

 4. Seattle Seahawks

Two words: RUSSELL WILSON! Russell Wilson threw one of the most efficient games ever, 38-25 Seahawks. Jamal Adams fits in well with his new team, getting some good hits on the Falcons, but he also let Matt Ryan throw for 450 yards. We will see how their season unfolds.

5. New Orlean Saints

The Saints defeated Tom Brady and the Bucs 34-23, and did it with Drew Brees throwing only 160 yards. The Saints’ defense looks like a Top 5 unit, but the offense is all over the place with Mike Thomas injured and neither Drew Brees or Alvin Kamara playing well. This offense needs to figure things out. Quickly!

6. Buffalo Bills 

On Sunday, the Buffalo Bills played against the New York Jets in what seemed like a preseason game; the score was very misleading. It was 27-17, Bills with Bills’ kicker Tyler Bass missing two field goals and the Jets scoring a touchdown in garbage time. The Bills still have a lot to prove, but look good, before their matchup with Miami.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Even though they lost to the Saints by double digits, 34-23, they are a completely new offense. Mike Evans suffered an injury. Next week, I am sure they will bounce back against the Panthers.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers shut down Saquon Barkely of the Giants on Monday night, only letting him rush for 6 yards. Big Ben looks back to normal witht he final score, 26-16, Steelers. It looks like the Steelers have a good season ahead of them. 

9. San Francisco 49ers

Well it looks like The Cardinals players have found the weakness against the 49ers defense, which is rushing QBs. If San Francisco doesn’t solve this problem, there is no way they will go back to the Super Bowl.

10. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams defeated the Cowboys on Sunday night on an offensive pass interference against Michael Gallup, 20-17. So, the Rams showed that if they can keep this up, they can get back to the playoffs this season.

11. Dallas Cowboys

The Cowboys lost to the Rams by a field goal, but still looked a lot better with Mike McCarthery as Head Coach.

12. Tennessee Titans

The Titans need to figure out their kicking situation because Stephen Gostkowski looked awful against the Broncos on Monday night. To be fair, he clutched it with the game winning field goal and the final score was 16-14, Titans. 

13. New England Patriots

Super Cam is back! With his 2 rushing touchdowns, the Patriots defeated Miami, 21-11. The Patriots ran the ball hard and could not be stopped with over 200 yards rushing.

14. Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota did not look like a top tier team on Sunday, only scoring touchdowns in garbage time, final score 43-34, Packers. Stefon Diggs looked like he was dearly missed on offense, but their defense has no excuse; they have 2 good safeties and great pass rushers. They need to pick it up. 

15. Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson has been carrying this team on his shoulders for the last three years, and his shoulders are wearing down, so they need to give him some players soon, or I predict he will start to lean towards demanding a trade. Last Thursday, The Texans lost to The Chiefs 34-20.

16. Arizona Cardinals

One of the biggest surprises of the weekend was the Cardinals taking down the 49ers, 24-20! Deandre Hopkins instantly showed the Texans they made a mistake trading him with over 150 yards receiving.

17. Las Vegas Raiders

The Raiders defeated the Panthers in a high scoring game, 34-30. Josh Jacobs is a notable running back in this league with 3 touchdowns and taking the Raiders up and down the field: they  managed to close out the game. Derek Carr not making many mistakes definitely lowers Marcus Mariota’s chance of playing this season.

18. Philadelphia Eagles

The Washington Football Team. (That’s who you lost to!) The Washington Football Team had a historic comeback vs. the Eagles, 27-17! I thought this was an easy win for the Eagles as they were ahead 17-0 at the half. The Eagles let the Washington Football Team put 27 unanswered points on the board to win the first game of the season. If you allow that many unanswered points, then you’re going to have a rough season.

19. Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan threw for 450 yards and the Falcons still lost! The Seattle Seahawks are a great team, but Matt Ryan threw for 450 yards! The score 38-25, Seahawks is still confusing. 450 yards!

20. Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos lost to the Titans on Monday night, 16-14.  The Broncos are a young team, and played a mammoth of a team in the Tennessee Titans, but I believe that the Broncos still have a good shot to make the playoffs.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars

Jacksonville had one of the surprising wins this week. With the help of Garnder Minshew’s magical mustache they managed to beat the Colts after being highly underrated, 27-20.

22. Washington Football Team

The home team had a surprising win! The Washington Football Team managed to beat the Eagles, 27-17.  The team overcame a 17 point deficit, scoring 27 unanswered points on the strength of their defense, which had 8 sacks and 3 turnovers. This is the largest comeback against the Eagles since 1955. They showed that “Riverboat” Ron Rivera can steer any ship.

23. Chicago Bears

MITCHELL TRUBISKY had an amazing comeback in the fourth quarter, helping the Bears beat the Lions, 27-23. Trubisky showed that he wants to change people’s vision of him being a bust, but the Bears still have a lot to work on.

24. Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers managed to escape Cincinnati with a win, 16-13.  They were lucky to get this win even though Tyrod Taylor played like he was the rookie in the matchup. The Chargers need to figure out their QB situation because Tyrod Taylor isn’t going to cut it.

25. Indianapolis Colts

After getting Philip Rivers in the offseason, the Colts still could not get a win against the Jacksonville Jaguars, falling 27-20. I guess the mustache was too much for them.

26. Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions had the lead 23-6, and thought they had an easy win. I guess they didn’t realize they were playing against Mitchell Trubisky. The Lions lost to the Bears, 27-23. The Lions need to stop choking. They could have had a winning season last year if they could have held on to those big leads. It is a serious problem. 

27. Carolina Panthers

During the offseason, the Panthers received new offensive firepower with QB Teddy Bridgewater and offensive oriented Head Coach Matt Rhule. The Panthers had a high scoring game against the Las Vegas Raiders. Their Pro Bowl Running Back Christian McCaffrey had two touchdowns, but even then, it wasn’t enough. The Panthers were outscored 34-30, Raiders.

28. Cleveland Browns

The Browns were destroyed in their game against the Ravens, 34-6 last Sunday. They easily looked like one of the worst teams in the league the first week of the season. Then, Thursday the Cleveland Browns beat the Cincinnati Bengals, 35-30.  With all their talent, the Browns can easily get on a hot winning streak. If they want to keep winning, they need to get OBJ up and running to have that dual threat with Jarvis Landry on the other side of the field.

29. Cincinnati Bengals

In Week 1, Joe Burrow sadly lost after what would have been a game tying drive after their kicker Randy Bullock missed the chip shot field goal. They have lost the first two games of the season, losing to the Browns, 35-30 on Thursday. This team seemed way too reliant on their rookie QB and needs to shorten his list of responsibilities on offense if there is any hope of a win this season.

30. Miami Dolphins

On Sunday, the Dolphins played against the Patriots where they lost a brutal game by 10 points, 21-11 Patriots. Miami decided to start Ryan Fitzpatrick instead of Tua Tagovailoa, which may have been a mistake, but the defense still needs to get a lot done before they are ready for their game against the Buffalo Bills this weekend.

31. New York Giants

Saquan Barkely was bottled up on Monday night by the Steelers, only rushing for 6 yards. Without the power of Saquon Barkley, the Giants were shut down offensively, final score 26-16 Steelers. If the Giants don’t figure out another way to score, there is no way they will win more than 6 games this season.

32. New York Jets

The New York Jets were destroyed by the Buffalo Bills on Sunday, 27-17. They were completely mismatched all over the field. The Jets did have some bright spots.  They created two fumbles, but if they want to win a game this season they need to fire Adam Gase.