Trevor’s NFL Power Rankings After Week Two


Now that Week 1 is over, I am focused on those top tier teams.  Don’t worry all teams are still ranked below.

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1. Kansas City Chiefs

On Sunday the Chiefs won on a nail-biter, beating the Chargers in overtime, 23-20. When Kansas City lowers their guard, they can be beaten; they only won by 3 points.

2. Baltimore Ravens 

Even without the offense looking amazing on Sunday, the Ravens were still able to easily defeat the Texans, 33-16. Showing off this team’s ability to win in different ways and not always having to rely on Lamar Jackson is how they won.

3. Seattle Seahawks

Once again the Seahawks got their win off the arm of Russell Wilson, throwing 5 passing touchdowns. Against a tough New England defense who struggled to stop the Wilson and Metcalf receptions. On the other hand, Seattle’s defense struggled containing Cam Newton which led to the game being won by a yard, 35-30.

4. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay went off again with another 40+ point game. The last time a team started the season with two 40+ point games, they went to the Super Bowl. After going down 14-3 early, the Packers came back and scored over 30+ points unanswered. Both Aarons looked great on Sunday showing off their multidimensional offensive.

5. Buffalo Bills

On Sunday the Buffalo Bills defeated the Dolphins, 31-28. Josh Allen looked like he was an MVP candidate throwing for 417 yards, 4 touchdowns, and being named AFC Offensive Player Of The Week. Once they get their linebackers back, they are going to be the complete team Buffalo deserves.

6. Pittsburgh Steelers

With a win against the Broncos, they are now 2-0 for the season. Showing off their dominant defense once against Denver. Big Ben looks back to normal and ready to have another run at the Super Bowl.

7. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Like I said they would, the Bucs bounced back against the Panthers beating them 31-17. Showing off  what looks like one of the best receiver and QB duos, Tom Brady and Mike Evans both bounced back. Let’s see if this dynamic duo lasts. They did just play Carolina who doesn’t look like the brightest team in the league.

8. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams had a decisive victory over the Eagles on Sunday beating them 37-19.  Through the first two weeks it looks like Jared Goff is back to normal and is going to have a great season. They look like they’re back to their Super Bowl selves, but play a tough game against the Bills this Sunday.

9. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys made an amazing comeback on Sunday against the Falcons, showing their willingness to win even while being down 20 points in the game. Dak Prescott threw for 450 yards and rushed for 3 touchdowns. Why were they so behind? Three fumbles. If they fumble this much every week, their luck will run out.

10. Tennessee Titans 

With another sloppy win, the Titans stumbled to a 2-0 start after beating the Jacksonville Jaguars, 33-30 with another  last second field goal by Stephen Gostkowski. Ryan Tannehill recovered this week with 4 passing touchdowns. Even though Tennessee struggled this week against a weaker team, a 2-0 is still a 2-0.

Ranking of other teams:

11. New England Patriots

12. Las Vegas Raiders

13. Arizona Cardinals

14. New Orlean Saints

15. San Francisco 49ers

16. Los Angeles Chargers

17. Houston Texans

18. Indianapolis Colts

19. Chicago Bears

20. Atlanta Falcons

21. Philadelphia Eagles

22. Denver Broncos

23. Jacksonville Jaguars

24. Minnesota Vikings

25. Washington Football Team

26. Miami Dolphins

27. Cleveland Browns

28. Detroit Lions

29. Carolina Panthers

30. Cincinnati Bengals

31. New York Giants

32. New York Jets