Online School vs. “Real” School: How Does it Compare at APS?

“In response to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, 107 countries had implemented national school closures by March 18, 2020.” 

Our lives and education were severely affected by covid-19. It started off as a short break, some kids even thought of it as a “vacation”. Months have gone by, and here we are. Doing school online. Who would’ve thought that it would come to this? 

On March 18, 2020, the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization estimated that 107 countries had implemented national school closures related to COVID-19, affecting 862 million children and young people, roughly half the global student population.”

We haven’t been in school very long, but we have made it past the first interim. Everyone seems to have different opinions about online school vs. real school.  I asked an APS student from the north (Yorktown) and a student from the south (Wakefield) to see how school is going at APS. It’s a pretty complex subject. 

Sophmore and Yorktown student, Jasmine Chandipapar shares what it is like at Yorktown High School.

Sophmore and Yorktown student, Jasmine Chandipapar said, “I think this is what’s best for us. At least for now. There isn’t much we can do and of course I miss seeing my friends and teachers, but I get to sit in the comfort of my own home. I have a smaller risk of getting sick from hundreds of students, too.” 

Which is easier? 

“Real school. Less work and more freedom.”

Which environment do you think you learn better in?

“Real school as well, I learn better with hands-on work.”

Which is more enjoyable?

“Online School. I literally sit around all day on my phone and computer and I can see my friends whenever, too; it seems weird but I think it’s more fun.”

Likes and Dislikes?

Likes- “Being able to wake up seconds before class starts.”

Dislikes-” Harder to talk to teachers and work is harder.”

Do you think we will go back?

“Maybe, who knows. Time will tell.”

Junior and Wakefield student, Maraki Yilma shares how online school has been going.

Maraki Yilma is a junior at Wakefield High School and said,  “Online school is easier, because it allows me to work around my own schedule and make time for things that I want to do.” We can all agree that is a nice benefit of online school. But is it better?

Which one do you learn better in?

“I learn better in person because I’m more of a visual learner rather than learning through a computer.”

 Which is more enjoyable?

“In person because it’s more face to face interaction.” 

Likes and Dislikes?

I am able to be in “class from my bed” but “it seems like the workload is a lot more.” 

Do you think we’re going back to school? 


Time will tell what happens to us this school year, how our education will continue, and how we work through this pandemic. Superintendent Dr. Durán has recently announced a 5 Phase Plan to get APS students back in the buildings.