Trevor’s NFL Power Rankings after Week 5


Here are my Top 10 NFL team after Week 5:

1. Kansas City Chiefs 

The Chiefs suffered their first loss of the season against the Raiders on Sunday, 40-32. Even though they lost, I am going to keep them at number one. The Raiders had a great game, and it almost seemed like they played perfectly. I believe if they were to play again, the Chiefs would destroy them. 

2. Green Bay Packers 

 The Packers did not play this week so they will not be moved up or down.

3. Seattle Seahawks  

 Russell Wilson had an awesome game against the Vikings barely inching them out in a close game, 27-26.  Russell Wilson looks unstoppable and is the only reason this team is 5-0, and more importantly number 3 on my list.

4. Baltimore Ravens  

 The Ravens destroyed the Bengals out scoring them, 27-3. Once again the Ravens blow another team out without putting up crazy stats.  This team looks good but still need to prove themselves against a competitive team.

5. Steelers

 The Steelers won against the Eagles on Sunday, 38-29. With their rookie wide receiver having a crazy game with 4 touchdowns (three receiving and one rushing). Their offense was the main thing I was most concerned about, but they surpassed my expectations putting on a show against Philly. 

6. Tennessee Titans

The Titans Played on Tuesday due to covid concerns winning against the Bills, 42-16. Their defense had some easy turnovers including a two pick by Malcolm Butler and a fumble by Andre Roberts on a kick return.  I think that their team was very much overrated in the fact that they had two weeks to prepare, not like the Bills who only had a week to prepare.

7. Buffalo Bills

 The Bills lost in a depressing game against the Titans on Tuesday night, losing by more than 20 points. The Bills may have only put up 16 points, but their offense did look awful on Tuesday. The defense needs to step it up and figure out a solution in the middle of the field, which seemed to be unguarded all night long. Also the 2 unlucky turnovers by Andre Roberts did not help. They have a tough match this week going up against the Chiefs who also just suffered a loss.

8. Tampa Buccaneers

 The Buccaneers lost on Thursday Night against Nick Foles and the Bears, 19-20. The game came down to a last minute field goal by the Bears. They did not play a great game, but the Bears defense did wake up 5 games into the season.  Their offense still needs to make some adjustments but is heading in the right direction.

9. Los Angeles Rams 

Once again the Los Angeles gets an easy win, this time while facing the Washington Football Team, 30-10. It was a bit of a bounce back game after a questionable showing against the (0-5) Giants Last week. Even though they played against what I would consider a bad team, a win is a win.

10. New England Patriots 

 The Patriots did not play this week so they will not be moved.

The rest of our NFL teams in order of rank:

11. Cleveland Browns

12. Las Vegas Raiders

13. Chicago Bears

14. New Orlean Saints

15. Indianapolis Colts

16. Arizona Cardinals 

17. Carolina Panthers

18. Minnesota Vikings 

19. Dallas Cowboys 

20. Philadelphia Eagles  

21. Houston Texans  

22. Miami Dolphins

23. San Francisco 49ers 

24. Los Angeles Chargers 

25. Denver Broncos

26. Atlanta Falcons  

27. Cincinnati Bengals 

28. Detroit Lions 

29. Jacksonville Jaguars

30. Washington Football team 

31. New York Giants

32. New York Jets