Eight Gifts to ask for this Holiday Season

Each December I get asked what I want for Christmas. I never know what to ask for, but this year, I am ready. Here is a list of ten gift ideas I am sharing so when you get asked what you want (if you and yoru family celebrate a holiday that gives gifts in December) you know what to say. You can also look at this list for ideas for what to buy for your family and friends.

1. iPhone 12

The iPhone 12 is one of four of the latest iPhones that came out a month ago. I know it’s really pricey, $799.99 – $949.99 depending how many gigabytes you want 64, 128, or 256 GB. But trust me, it’s totally worth it. It has 5G and makes the phone run faster all thanks to the A14 bionic chip, better camera quality because it includes nightmode and it has portrait mode. It is also water resistant and comes in 5 different colors: blue, green, red, black, and white.

2. Airpods Pro

Air pods pro are another pricey gift to add to your list at 199.99, but they are worth it because they cancel out the noises going on around you, you can activate transparency mode, you can have siri read out your message, and the best part is that battery life lasts more than 24 hrs. So ,I highly recommend you switch to the latest air pods so you can have the best features while listening to your favorite songs.

3. Monopoly Voice Banking Electronic Family Board Game

You should ask for gifts that your entire family can have fun with too, so no one will be bored having to stay home due to the pandemic. This is why the Monopoly Voice Banking Electronic Family Board game is the perfect choice because it is unlike any other Monopoly board games and only $24.95. You have to use your voice to play and no more cash or bank cards. So Mr. Monopoly is the banker and manages the money for each player. It’s all thanks to his top hat machine in which each player uses to speak with and Mr. Monopoly will respond and take care of everything. So go now and tell any of your family members to buy it online to be able to start having those fun family game nights. It’s for 2-4 players and everyone will have a blast!

4. Edible Arrangements Chocolate Dipped Box

This is a sweet gift to ask for because who doesn’t love some chocolate dipped strawberries from Edible Arrangements? And, it is affordable at 39.99 for 12 chocolate dipped strawberries, so you can share it with your family. Plus this is so mouth-watering and sweet that it’s just so irresistible! Everyone in your house will be happy with this gift.

5.  Bath time sets for him, her, or them

If you’re a guy, a girl, or non-binary, everyone needs bath time to relax. So, a bath time set from Bath & Body works is the perfect gift to ask for this month. There is a set called Winter Candy Apple, and it includes a hand cream that will have your skin feeling smooth and nice. Another one is called Eucalyptus Spearmint and has an ultra shea body cream that will have you smelling like new.

6. Jewelry (Name necklaces and bracelets)

Who doesn’t like to add an extra touch to your outfit and get your bling on? I’m pretty sure everyone does right? Anyways, you should totally ask for a name necklace. Tell any of your family members to buy it on etsy.com because it looks so formal and will dress up any outfit. Or, you guys can ask for a name bracelet because it would be so cool to show your name with pride. Your family members can order it on etsy.com as well.

7. Pajama set for the whole family

Let’s be honest, since we are all stuck at home, our everyday outfits are pajamas! Wouldn’t it be so cute to ask a relative to get your whole family matching pajamas? It would be picture perfect for the traditional holiday picture! These matching Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pajamas at Kohls are too cute!

8. Make-up sets on Sephora

Just because you’re probably not going out as usual, doesn’t mean you can’t keep practicing your make-up skills at home. Get decked out for yourself. So this Wild-Wishes Multi-Pallete blockbuster on Sephora is the perfect gift to ask for because it comes with a variety of eyeshadow colors in which are 60, 3 cream eyeliners, 3 highlighters,3 blushes , 3 bronzers,11 lip glosses,2 brushes, and one eye pencil for only $36.00.