Marching Band Should Be A Sport


Ciera Johnson '16

The band marches over and over again to memorize moves.

Zoe Broussard '15, After School Editor

The Marching Band’s nickname is the Sleeping Giant, but their physical activity says otherwise.

As the Marching Warriors walk on to the athletic field, the crowd quiets at every football game. The pressure is on; the members hold their instruments at the ready as the band walks onto the track. The band hypes up the crowd. “It feels amazing… because of all the determination and confidence that a person gains after practicing for so long” said senior Tuba player Alvaro Hernandez.

Practice makes perfect, and these players need to be perfect. They have to learn how to march in unison, memorize their music, count, move, play, count again, and make it all seem seamless.  “We have in class rehearsals and have after school rehearsals two times a week regularly. We have them three times a week if there is a Friday home game” said junior Flute and Piccolo player Elouisa Cardano. It can be argued that these warriors are more physical than the players on the field.

Many see them at every game, but don’t see the Marching Warriors at competition. This is when the heat is really on. These warriors didn’t get burned this year. They earned their highest score ever at the US Bands Northern Virginia Regional at the end of last month.

In this year’s competition at Herndon High School, “the Marching Warriors came in first place and won the titles Best Visual Performance, Best General Effect, and Top Color Guard” said Mr. d’Alelio. Their score was 69.1; the first time the Marching Warriors have come to breaking 70 at their season debut.

Wakefield looks forward to more great performances at the next home game on Friday against Washington-Lee!