Roblox: The Game Where You Make Games

Or, 5 Things Needed to Make a Game On Roblox

With more than 150 million users daily, Roblox has grown to be one of the most popular games right now. When people hear “Roblox” they usually think of 2 things: Minecraft or Kids.

To a lot of people Roblox is just a Minecraft rip-off because of its prominent art style and look. People also suggest that Roblox is only for kids, while the game is for a younger audience, Roblox has a large and extensive player base that reaches out to many ages above 20. Both of these are misconceptions that should be ignored. At its core, Roblox is a game where people like you make games. It’s kinda like Youtube, but instead of making videos for people to enjoy, you make games for people to enjoy.

Here’s 5 things (Ranked) you need when making a game on Roblox.

1. Roblox Studios

While Roblox Studios is the application needed to start making games, it is also the easiest one on the list because it’s free. Roblox Studio and Player are two seperate pieces of software. While Studio is used to create and develop, Player is used to play Roblox games. When you first Login to Studios (login is your Roblox login) you will be presented with tutorials and help videos. These are very helpful when making the games you want. There’s also many different templates you can try out to help make your games. If you want to make a pirate, medievil, western, racing, or any other  game they got you covered. 

2. Basic Studio Knowledge

 Like most things, Studio becomes very simple once you start using it. Like I said before, before you start you might want to look at the tutorials provided or else you might spend a bit too long looking around without direction. Since roblox has been out for a long time now there are many free resources and items available. Though that sounds all good and nice there’s a lot of things that go into a game like scripting (code), effects, building, animation and more scripting. At first this sounds very off putting; these are all skills you can learn by experience and video tutorials.

3. Resilience (DON’T QUIT)

Making a very detailed game people will play takes at least a year unless you have all the money in the world to pay professionals to do the work for you. If you’re having trouble learning and progressing just search up a video for help. If you can’t find what you need then use the Roblox Developer Forum. The Dev Forum is a website where you can ask for help or find answers about everything Roblox. To make a game you need many things, so the game making process might be slow. 

4. Plugins

Plugins are basically extensions. On google you can add extensions to your browser like Grammarly or Honey which improve your overall experience. Plugins are just extensions that make the game making process more simple and intuitive. Try Archimedes 2, which turns 1 block into a circle. This plugin is very popular because it’s hard to make circles with squares and rectangles. To get these plugins go to Home>Marketplace>Plugins and search away.

5. Money (Optional, but recommended)

When I first started making my game, I learned that making everything yourself would take a lot of time because of all the boxes you needed to check. Money is in no shape or form necessary for game making, but it does drastically shorten the time to make a game. If you do have the money to spend for someone to help you script or make special effects for you go to the Roblox Developer Forum because there’s always someone there for hire.