PTA Reflections Contest Winner Builds Connection between Life and the Stars

The theme for the 2020 PTA Reflections Contest was, “I Matter Because…”. Congratulations to our Wakefield winners! We spoke with freshman Clara Crawford about winning first place and how she created her piece.

How did you get your idea for what you entered?

I wrote a song that drew connections between people’s lives and the stars. I was thinking about how there are times that “I matter because” I’m doing a good job at something, I’m proud of myself, or I’m having fun with my family & friends. At those times, things are going really well and I feel special or “shiny” like a star. There are also times when I just can’t see from out behind the clouds. But I’m still there, still shining, still trying to be a part of the “constellations” or relationships I have. That’s what I think “matters” most, still just being out there and doing what you do even when it’s dark or cloudy.

Creativity is a hard thing to have during the pandemic. What is something you do to stay creative, to stay motivated?

Now that we go to school in our houses, I often I feel like school and academia is encroaching on my personal life. So to escape and be creative, I try to go outside. I think nature is cool focal point for any form of art because you can interpret to mean anything. I like to write songs, poems, and sometimes paint – (even though I’m not very good at it) it’s really calming.

Would you enter other contests/competitions? Why is it good to enter?

I would! I like having projects that are not related to school because otherwise I know I would not make time for being creative. The pressure that comes from the competitions encourages me to carve out time on my schedule and do something of my own. Entering competitions also gives me a sense of pride and recognition for my work.

Listen to her original song above. All first place winners move on to compete at the Northern Virginia District level. Good Luck, Clara and all of our PTA Reflections Contest winners.