Gave up on your New Year’s Resolution? I’ve Got the Solution!

People might find that putting up inspiring quotes in their house, or listening to encouraging music keeps them inspired. Here is a cute sign from

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People might find that putting up inspiring quotes in their house, or listening to encouraging music keeps them inspired. Here is a cute sign from

In theory, New Year’s Resolutions sound like a great way to self-reflect and self-improve. Although studies have shown that almost 80% of people give up on their goals by February! Every new year has the possibility to be such a game changer, but due to a lack of preparation, accountability, and resilience, most aspirations for the new year don’t work out. 

Wouldn’t it be uplifting to get a fresh start in 2021 by actually achieving some of your ambitions? To have an effective change in habit, you’ll need to take small steps, find reinforcements that work for you, and reevaluate when you lose motivation. Get back on track to a successful resolution right now with this four step guide! 


One reason that people drop their new routines so quickly, is because they expect themselves to suddenly change major parts of their life, with unrealistic ease. The reality is, that even our small daily habits have ingrained themselves into our brains and people often underestimate how hard it is to interrupt these signals. 

When planning a new goal, it’s much better to start out with small steps. You can do this by making daily or weekly short term goals that gradually increase in intensity. If you plan to pick up running, start with set intervals of walking or jogging might be a way to get comfortable. Proceed by increasing the ratio of jogging to walking every week. This will keep you feeling accomplished with a steady and manageable challenge. Charles Duhigg, the author of  NewYork Times bestseller, “The Power of Habits”, said, “focus on these small wins so you can make gradual progress.”  If you focus on the end result, it can be overwhelming, making it hard to stay motivated. Focussing on the small wins to keep your peace of mind while building progress.


After gradually implementing your new routine, your ability to sustain this routine will fuel your success.  Research also suggests that having systems of accountability in place increases goal achievement. You will need to find strategies that hold you accountable to your goal, as well as measure progress. Some ways to keep accountable for your resolution could include; keeping journal entries, filling out a digital log, or keeping track with a goal oriented calendar. According to the NYT, encouraging a friend to participate with you is also a great way to instigate accountability as well as friendly competition.


     According to the NYT, another step in sustaining your resolution is to set yourself up with positive encouragement. If you know that a trip to your favorite ice cream shop would personally motivate you, use this as a reward for keeping up with your goal and accountability throughout the week. This would be an example of a short term reward system, a common tactic that keeps the focus on those small wins. 

Other people might find that putting up inspiring quotes in their house, or listening to encouraging music keeps them inspired. Even just taking time to relax and reflect can clear the mind and restore positivity. Finding effective ways to stay positively encouraged will recharge your intrinsic motivation, keep your routines sustained, and make you more likely to reach your goal! 


Don’t be surprised if you use these tips and still find yourself falling off track. It’s normal to lose your streak. Instead of letting your aspirations dwindle out, have resilience, and pick it back up tomorrow! If you notice you’re starting to consistently not meet your small goals, take a step back and identify exactly why your resolution has become difficult to maintain. 

Every reason is valid, you’ll just need to reorganize or tweak your plan to keep it manageable. If staying up late to study is depriving you of sleep, you will not have enough energy to sustain your resolution. If it is working out, instead of abandoning your fitness plan altogether, lower the frequency for a few weeks while you catch up on school. 


Did you set a resolution on December 31st and make a mistake on January 4th? That is okay. Don’t wait until next year to start again, start now. Right now is the perfect time to reevaluate and reaffirm your New Year’s Resolution and reach the goals you set for yourself!