I Feel Good About It


Lily in the bottom right flexes in Poetry Club right after reading this poem. Poetry Club is every Thursday at 3:15pm.

Just because I look this way doesn’t mean that I have to fit into the role and play along

Yes, I was born a girl, COOL I don’t care never have never will. 

See I’ve been through too much to let you try and take the way I dress and make fun of it to hurt me,

It won’t work this time, so call me a Boy, Girl, or They Them I’m cool with it because I don’t care but be DISRESPECTFUL, and then we might talk


Yes, I wear suits instead of dresses and shorts instead of skirts – I’m COMFORTABLE with it so Leave Me Alone!

I want short hair with the sides and back shaved and a full top with curls 

Keep asking while aggressively telling me everything I need to” fix” about myself.


You can’t use this Against Me and I take your POWER away when you try to hurt me with it. 

Why am I like this? What’s wrong with me? 

Get new lines, those are old. 

I’m like this because this is me, 

What’s wrong with you for not being able to see that this is me! 


I’m Beautiful the way I am and I don’t have to fit in a box and follow “gender norms”

because an adult who won’t even take the time to talk or understand tells me to change

or some kids who think I’m scary because they don’t understand what’s going on wants to be rude.


ASK ME and I’ll answer your questions, but be a JERK and I’ll pay you no mind.

This is my life and I’ll live it with my BEAUTIFUL HANDSOME self dressed in men’s clothing and an adorable short curly haircut, with a bright smile on my face because I am who I am and I feel good about it!!!


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