14 Reminders to Myself



  1. Everything worth keeping in this world is rare, and can sometimes be hard to find through the naked eye. 
  2. Through the naked eye, you’re able to miss parts of yourself and miss emotions others may show you. However, never give up in expressing your whole self. 
  3. It’s okay to let your guard down by the way, you don’t always have to be so closed off from the world. 
  4. The world may need your input one day. 
  5. Cry if you really must, it doesn’t make you weak. You are strong enough and worthy of a smile. 
  6. Don’t give into the voices at which linger your head. 
  7. Don’t worry yourself half to death with the fear of never being able to be perfect….
  8. There is no sure thing as perfection. Those expectations that are placed on you, wash them away as they do no good for your personal growth. 
  9. Think of yourself as if you were a plant. Be good to yourself and don’t forget to feed yourself correctly. 
  10. Grow and overcome, it’s okay. 
  11. You are bright and own a pure heart, so, believe in yourself enough to show it and never fear the impossible. 
  12. Nothing is truly impossible if you put your full focus to it. Remember this, and again do not give up.   
  13. Be kind and well rounded, shine through that darkness at which is in you. 
  14. Stop living in your past; your past will never define you. So don’t let it define you.